Providing outstanding service and becoming your trusted advisor means following our business philosophy which is based on understanding, accessibility, and expertise.

Providing Value to Clients

At Novus we like to think that we provide more than tax, accounting, and finance services.  In providing these services we give clients the time to focus on what’s important and help them minimize costs, maximize cash flow, and gain insight.  The end result is outstanding service.

To do this, we live by the following principles:
  • Understanding

    When we understand you, your goals, and your plans, we can utilize our expertise and experience to provide you with outstanding service.  Businesses are unique,   individuals are unique, and the services we provide should reflect that.  At Novus, we take to the time get to know you before we start to ensure we provide high quality service and help you achieve your goals.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility is about being connected regardless of location.  At Novus, we’re committed to being accessible to clients in person, by phone, by email, or through online video conferences.  But it’s not just about communication.  We also provide clients with secure access to a web-based portal to access files and securely exchange information anywhere anytime – the information you need is only limited by your connectivity.

  • Expertise

    Quality means expertise.  At Novus, we ensure that we have the knowledge and experience to provide services of the highest quality.  We utilize best practices and knowledge gained working at big 4 accounting firms.  Furthermore, we are part of a network of top tax, accounting and finance professionals including former members of the CRA.