Mission & Values

To be recognized by clients as an outstanding Chartered Accountant firm we are committed to our mission and staying true to our values.

Our Mission

The mission of Novus Professional Corporation is to provide outstanding tax, accounting, and finance services to businesses, business owners, professionals, and individuals in a manner that gives them the time to focus on what’s important and that helps them to minimize costs, maximize cash flow, and gain insight.

At Novus, we value the following:
  • Client Relationships
  • In understanding clients and what makes them unique we can provide outstanding service and high quality work.

  • Excellence
  • A focus on excellence in all that we do allows us to keeps our clients happy and contributes to the success of our firm.

  • Resourcefulness
  • Resourcefulness allows us to stay on top of
    current issues, gives us flexibility, and allows
    us to keep our business and ideas fresh.

  • Efficiency
  • Being efficient in all that we do allows us to provide outstanding service, convenience, and value to our clients.

  • Technology
  • Utilizing the most up-to-date technology is necessary to provide clients with quality, service, value and convenience they demand.

  • Sustainability
  • Operating our business with sustainability in mind allows us help preserve the planet for future generations and future business.

“I have appreciated working with Rob, he has provided timely and innovative advise in the preparation of my financial requirements. I plan to use Rob for future tax, accounting and financial planning needs.”
John Bertens, President,
Ampet Energy Ltd.